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Background Screening: Myths Explained – Part 2 – Driving Records

Posted by Byron Alvord on July 14, 2016

Who is driving for you? Benefits and compliance requirements of this product

Finding qualified drivers for your organization can be difficult. Company drivers are some of the highest liability employees and contractors. These individuals may be driving company vehicles, using their own vehicle to fulfill company duties, or driving to earn extra cash on the side in the shared economy. Either way, if something goes wrong, the finger is pointed at your organization. Therefore, it is important to know the various regulations and obligations your organization has in regards to compensating drivers.

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USCIS Asks for Comment on Proposed Changes to the Form I-9

Posted by Byron Alvord on December 14, 2015

The USCIS announced on November 24, 2015 there will be a notice in the Federal Register of proposed changes to the Form I-9. The Federal Register will allow a 60-day public commenting period. During this time, employers can voice their opinion about the proposed changes. Some of the proposed changes can be found below:

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Answering Your I-9 and E-Verify Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Byron Alvord on December 8, 2015

faq.pngIf you have hired someone after November 6, 1986, there is a pretty good chance that you have heard of the Form I-9. This form is required by USCIS for all employers to ensure employees are eligible to work in the United States. An online program called E-Verify is a Federal database that is also often used in conjunction with Form I-9 for confirming work eligibility of employees. Accurate Background recently hosted an “I-9 Best Practices” webinar with Montserrat Miller of Arnall, Golden, Gregory.  Over 300 employers attended and the FAQ’s below are real questions that employers have asked and will be helpful for all employers during their hiring process.

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